Vanessa & Craig 13th August 2016

Seems like ages ago when I rocked up to the carlton park hotel. It was a beautiful bright sunshine day, which is odd for a weekend in august.


The getting ready part of the day seemed really chilled out (from my point of view anyway) and the light in the suite was lovely. which made for some really nice shots


Carlton park hotel has lots of great features, which can make for interesting photos, Vanessa and Craig (not Chris) had said they wanted lots of natural shots rather than posed, so we worked with the flow of the day. Some shots were posed but in a natural way so they didn’t feel it was an interruption of their day.


The ceremony was held at Rotherham registry office which is currently based inside Clifton Park museum.

My second shooter was Jodi (@JCphotography) and she was an absolute life saver when we got to Clifton park museum turns out the entire of rotherham had made the trip to the park, so parking was a nightmare. While I was desperately trying to park up before Vanessa and her dad arrived Jodi was taking the pictures of the guests arriving including a very nervous looking groom!


The ceremony seemed like it was over in a flash. As we were getting the formal shots out of the way we noticed the sky getting darker and we knew the rain was coming so we headed on to the reception venue at Rotherham Rugby club.

At the rugby club all those personal touches transformed the venue, it was absolutely beautiful. There was so much fun at this wedding which made it perfect for Vanessa and Craig, but so much emotion too, those heartfelt speeches that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Thank you to all Vanessa and Craig’s family and friends for making us feel welcome on the day, and a huge thank you to Vanessa and Craig for letting us be a part of your day xx

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