Popular colour schemes for 2016

Its hard to think another wedding season is almost over so I thought it would be a nice idea to look back at all the weddings I have been so lucky to photograph and take a look at the inventive ways my brides have incorporated their colours and made them unique for their day.



This colour although I only saw it once this year, this is lovely and fresh, and I loved how simple the extra touches were this wedding proved you don’t have to splash the cash to get a great effect the littlest touches in the right places can be personal and understated.

The depth of this colour also looks really striking against the grey suits which are popular for the fellas at the moment.

White and Natural

This colour scheme is perfect for a destination wedding, these images were for an evening reception back in the uk, and they just carried over the holiday feel, the bridesmaids were all in white too, there were lots of natural elements including hessian, brown paper, bare wood plain flowers, this to me just screamed luxury.

My prediction is that this will be a big hit in 2017 as 2015 was brights, 2016 has become softer with pastels, so I think natural textures mixed with greens and earthy tones.


Purple has been a popular for a couple of years and I for one love this theme, ever since I was a little girl my wedding was going to be cadbury purple. I got married in 2013 and I photographed at least 5 purple themes on the run up to my day, so keeping it fresh and different can sometimes be a challenge. My brides this year really pulled it outta the bag, I was gutted I didn’t have those ideas for mine!

All things Pink

now as I expected Pink was the most popular theme I photographed this year starting in drab February, Susan picked a dusky vintage pink for her vow renewal which was served as an afternoon tea, by may I had photographed 4 pink themes but each one was totally different.

There are 2 more weddings left in my season not yet featured on here, they will have their own blog post covering the details.

But to all my 2016 brides I salute you, you have all been inventive original creative and I have thoroughly enjoyed capturing each of your weddings with all those personal touches that were totally you. I love you all Thank you. xx

All photography provided by Signature Smiles Photography


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