Hannah & Nathans wedding 2nd September 2016

Hannah and Nathan only contacted me 6 weeks before their wedding and I’m so glad they did. There were so many personal touches to this day, it really was a family affair,


The Church was St Bartholomew’s in Old Whittington, a beautiful old Church set in its own graveyard. The Church as well as being beautiful had lots of sentimental value for the family, and I loved how each of those were acknowledged in one form or another.


Unusually Hannah got ready at her in-laws to be home, yet another indication that these two families were already really close, everything was really chilled (mostly). Flowergirl and daughter Sophie was perfectly behaved until she got a bit hangry (we all get hangry sometimes Soph!) Mum, Dad and Grandad all arrived a little bit later as everything started happening.


Hannah’s Dress was absolutely stunning, the pleats showed her curves perfectly and I loved the halter neck, Sophie’s Dress complimented mums too and had just the tiniest touch of purple , so adorable! Me being a traditionalist at heart noticed the little touches including the silver sixpence. Another touch added by the family was the veil, Hannah had told me she had struggled getting a veil to compliment the ivory of her dress so when her future mother in law offered to make one she was thrilled, the veil is trimmed with lace and pearls.



Bag pipes played as Hannah and her Dad walked from the car to the door of the church before the traditional wedding march took over.




Nathan wore a lovely Grey suit, with very subtle touches of purple, He arrived with best man and son Zac.


After the ceromony we visited family members who had passed away, as the couple had got specific flowers for them. First was Rebecca, who was the grooms sister who was burried in the  church graveyard, then off to Chesterfield Crematorium to lay a flower for Nanna.


Then we headed to the reception at the George and Dragon pub in chesterfield, which is owned by another family member. The feeling of family was so strong on Nathan & Hannah’s big day and I loved that I felt a part of it, Thank you to all the Mcneill & Millward friends and family for making me feel so welcome.


Nathan & Hannah, I want to thank you both for letting me be a part of your day, and wish you and your family, a lifetime of love and happiness


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