Ideas for after your wedding -dress


Now your dress can take up quite a lot of space and it may have a lot of sentimental value but in all honesty the resale prices on wedding gown can be devastating, my sister was asking for £250 for a dress that was worth £1250 brand new and there was no interest, but you have to be realistic, your dress was perfect FOR YOU!


(copyright signature smiles photography)


The odds of finding someone the same height, with the same style and taste as well as them being close enough to try it on first are pretty rare, theres also the fact that ebay dresses are on the rise still even with all the horror stories so why should someone pay £250 for a designer dress when they can get a cheap copy for £30 made to measure?

Some people will pay for the quality tho so if thats what you want to do good luck to you, but if your after some ideas for what to do with your dress after the wedding dust has cleared heres a few….

Donate it

There are a lot of companies that will accept donations of wedding dresses to make burial gowns for angel babies, I have listed a few

copyright Cherished Gowns

Cherished gowns

How about supporting your local charities by popping it into a local shop


or how about helping terminally ill people have their perfect day

wedding wishing well

Gift of a wedding

copyright gift of a wedding

as you can see each of these donation ideas will not line your pockets but will provide help to these people in need.

Store it

Now how many of you have your dress hung in your wardrobe? Not me, too much in there already. however there are a few ways you can store your dress that makes it a bit less bulky. I personally washed my dress (in the machine, I know gasp) and bought a plain box from ebay it cost me around £40, and its sat on top of the wardrobe.

I thought there must be prettier ways of storing dresses out there, and I was right. The first one I found on FB as Wedding dress boxes, the website is called (iv linked both their website and fb page below)

I had a chat with Bonnie and found out why, these boxes are so great!

Their boxes are made in the UK (bonus right) are Acid Free, Ph Neutral and therefore are suitable for long term storage.

No ink is used in the personalisation, so again will not harm the dress.

They can personalise with anything the Bride chooses and have a variety of colours available for lettering and nearly every ribbon colour .They come with Acid Free tissue, ribbon and packing instructions. We have 3 sizes of boxes small , medium and XXL. The smaller two are suitable to be used as hand luggage if marrying abroad and suitable for long term storage for smaller dresses.

as well as being so beautiful

get your wedding box through their fb page and website The boxes themselves range in price from £26-£40 plus PnP

Next I looked at maybe a box frame, and just looking on pinterest you can see the array of styles that can be achieved.


(All these images were found on Pinterest and I couldn’t find the copyright info so if one of these images are yours drop me a message and I  will gladly add it on)

Most local Framers will frame your dress for you, it is costly but done right your dress will be beautifully protected and on display for years to come.

After speaking to Dean at claim to frame who are based in Bolsover, you can expect to pay £150+ dependant on choices you make

Wear it

I know, I know, but I dont mean to do the hoovering or the weekly shop, but for those that REALLY love their dresses I found a couple of reasons for you to get back into them!


(copyright signature smiles photography)

The brides ball, I first heard of this a couple of years back and  had always planned to go to one, wether you were a bride or bridesmaid you can don your frocks for a good girly night while raising money for charity too, Iv found one local(ish) to me in chesterfield but Im sure there will be similar events across the county, this one is dueto be hosted in april 2017, Iv added the event link –Brides ball – chesterfield

(images are not from the ball, just my fab couples dancing)

So a party may not be your thing, how about a trash the dress shoot, now I know the name seems a bit harsh but you dont literally have to trash the dress (unless you want to) but a bit of mud and water will easily come out in the wash (and if you paying £150+ to have it dry cleaned why not give them something to clean!) or it could be something as relaxed as just a couples shoot without the stress of keeping guests entertained.


So you may not have had time to do your couples images on the day, or maybe you were really self conscious of all the family stood watching, maybe you had fresh ideas after the day you just wish you had. Whatever your reason I (and your local photographer) can offer on location and studio sessions. To enquire with me please you the contact form on my website here

If you have any other unique ideas that you would like to share feel free to add into the comments for others to see xx


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