Fantastic Fridays

So as part of my course I have to produce some images, So I thought I would extend a super special idea I have, I will be offering shoots, any Style or occasion.

there are only 2 requirements

1st- that you can get to Hillsborough college campus, to our state of the art studio on a friday between 9am-4pm from 24th November- 9th December inclusive

and number 2- that you have booked in advance!

simple right?

I will be offering my time and services FREE!

I hear you saying, but whats the catch , Honestly no catch, You are under no obligation to purchase any further images. They will be shown on your own private gallery on my website and a few of my faves on the blog.

BUT if you do choose to buy anything further via my website or through myself a whopping 50% of ALL profits will be donated to my chosen charity, which for 2017 is the very worthy Heads together foundation, who help lots of people and raise awareness of mental health further info can be found on the dedicated blog post.

So are you wanting some pictures in a wedding/prom dress, bump, baby pictures, mock school photos, product images, model portfolios absolutely anything you can think of as long as it/they can get in the studio!

To get in touch just use the contact page on my website signature smiles photography

message my FB page

or pop your details in the contact form below!



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