Janine & Jamie 15th July 2017

As I arrived to the house on the gloomiest of wet days I was greeted by lovely smiling faces,  it reminded me how lucky it is to have rain on your wedding day, wet knot and all that..

All the bridal party were so chilled,  to say there was 3 hair dressers, a make up lady, a chilled bride 4 adult bridesmaids, 3 flower girls, a page boy, mother of the bride, brides witness and me, you would imagine it to be a whole lot more hectic!

They all looked absolutely stunning, and the kids were all beautifully behaved.

When I arrived at Treeton baptist church, there was a lovely red carpet, ribbons and lots of lovely grounds too, I was crossing everything that the rain held off for long enough to get some lovely shots without everybody being soaked (soggy guests are not happy guests).

Jamie was looking a bit nervous, with good reason!! He forgot the rings ( 1 job Jamie! lol ) as we figured out how much longer we could stall Janine without her finding out they arrived, just in the knick of time! (phew)

The Ceremony itself was beautifully heart felt, lots of personal touches, including a slideshow full of embarrassing pictures to keep the guests amused while the new Mr & Mrs were making things official.

The reception was round the corner at Treeton miners welfare, when I first walked in I was amazed at the transformation, the place was transformed, with twinkle lights and candles, Iv never seen the place look so nice.


After the wedding breakfast came the speeches, then the busker that had been booked to entertain the guests till the DJ arrived for the evening reception. The busker was brilliant, Janine had given a list of songs to sing, and they all sounded great, and was a fab addition to the day.


The evening reception was about fun, Jamie and Janine had collected a huge amount of photo booth props so as well as the planned area in the corner the props were scattered around the room making for lots of funny selfies, there was also a candy cart and bouncy castle which seemed to make the adults happy!

There were lots of personal touches to the day, to remember everyone who is and was important to the family, including pictures, candles, Janine also had charms on her flowers and shoes, as well as a small piece of her grandad with her.

Janine & Jamie’s wedding day, was truly a celebration of love, and I loved how every version of that was seen, including a mother daughter dance that left guests sobbing.

I wish the new Mr & Mrs Hurst all the best for the future, and thank you for letting me be a part of your big day.

(P.S Jamie well done on Janine’s gift, it was one of the most thoughtful things I’v seen from a fella in ages!)

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