David & Jenny 22nd July 2017

So bright and early on Saturday the 22nd July, I pulled into the car park at Mosborough hall hotel. Relieved as the rain seemed to be holding off for now, the weather man had threatened rain all week, I took a stroll to see if the room had already been dressed, I was half an hour early so didn’t want to head up straight away. The staff were starting on the room, the life of a wedding photographer eh!

It was the first time I’d shot a wedding at Mosborough Hall, and I was really excited as when I’d done my research Id got lots of new ideas that I wanted to try.

Firstly the getting ready room was lovely, the light was great, and plenty of space. It really does matter if you want great getting ready pictures on your wedding day. 4 adult bridesmaids, mother of bride, 2 hair dressers, 2 make up ladies, 2 kids and todays bride Jenny, and no stressing! (well not yet!) add me into the situation and sometimes it can be hard to get those candid shots being so close, but all these ladies were so relaxed, made my job so much easier!

The church was St Marks on the high street, absolutely stunning little church, lots of big windows so lets lots of light in, exposed beams and stunning altar. capturing that moment where David turned and saw Jenny for the first time has got to be one of my fave moments (I will say this a lot Im a mushy sod like that)

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Jenny & David had crammed so many details into the reception venue, all beautifully placed, nothing felt out of place. There were nods to loved ones who were not with them too.


My fave bit of the day is when I get to wisk my couples away for a bit, its great to see a couple 1on1 (almost) David & Jenny were no exception to that, as well as posing for the incredibly mushy stuff, we had a giggle too, there were lots of smiles and although it can be really awkward, these guys seemed at home in front of camera, I think that may be due to Jenny as a self confessed selfie queen, David has had plenty of practice. I loved that Jenny whipped out her phone to get a selfie too, I would have done the same She looked amazing!

I want to say a huge thank you firstly to Jenny & David, for letting us be a part of your special day, and secondly to their friends and family for making us feel so welcome.

And finally, if your looking for a wedding photographer see my website HERE



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