Bella Eve Boutique

I met Jen Jackson through networking, after a lovely 121 it was decided that I would do her some shop images to start with, then look at headshots for her linked in and twitter, Jen also had some ideas about an event she would like to set up showcasing her stock in a more natural real way,

Jen is a lovely lady, who has a passion for great fitting underwear, her boutique is in Stocksbridge a stones throw away from the fox valley shopping complex.

Property images

โ€œMel is so professional and friendly, I would highly recommend Mel for all photography needs. Whether it be a wedding or some business shots. Mel came to my business yesterday and did some fantastic shots that look great, Iโ€™m very impressed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Šโ€ ย 

(Jen Jackson owner of Bella Eve Boutique.)

Headshot images

Jen Chose the image she felt represented her the best and I then edited it in a couple of different ways.


“Just seen my images that you sent, they are fabulous! Thank you very much xx”

(Jen Jackson)



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