Introduction-to Me!

So as part of a new blog plan, Im taking on a new challenge. Hopefully this will help the people who look at my blog and my business, understand me.

My first challenge is to introduce myself,  I was thinking to myself this is crazy cus surely anyone who reads my blog knows me and my business. But actually you may know me from a previous life, just in passing or you don’t know me at all and Im a soon to be friend or colleague (If you don’t know me I will apologise for my bad grammar in advance lol)


So erm Hi


This is me, My name Is Melanie Louise Ditchfield, some of you may know me as my maiden name of Hill, (that was much easier to spell out to people over the phone)

I am a 34 year old, separated, mum of 2 (its been one hell of a tough year, I’ll explain on day 24!)

In the next 31 days I will be writing blogs about me, my business, my kids, my hopes and my fears, heres the list

blog plan

I don’t know who wrote the challenge, I found it on pinterest follow me here

Im excited to share some of these stories with you, and dreading others, hopefully you will enjoy reading them too, feel free to leave me comments, and if you follow the blog wordpress will totally email you when I publish a new post (you obviously dont wanna miss a thing)

Right so the first thing you should know about me is I’m a mum!


These are my beautiful crazy kids, Timothy Brian Vincent Ditchfield hes 11, (I know right I totally don’t look old enough) and Jessica Louise Ditchfield shes 5, together we are a perfect specsavers advert.


Im one of 3 girls, and my sisters both have kids which also makes me an auntie (five times over)


yup christmas is getting expensive!

We are not your typical family, we don’t always see eye to eye but (WARNING family look away now I’m about to get mushy) but we all love each other very much and anyone in our family is protected, we are a tribe and we protect our own. I know if I needed any of them they would be there in a heartbeat! because we are family and thats how we roll.

So Coming up tomorrow 20 facts about me! (Jeeze I’m gonna have fun with that one!)


x Mel x

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