20 Facts about me

So day 2 of the challenge, 20 facts about me lets see if I can do this without spoiling any of the future blog posts haha

1. I have a phobia of the job center

2. I didn’t pick up a DLSR till I was 27

3. I suffer with depression and anxiety

4. I have written off 2 cars

5. I had 5 different cars in my first year of driving

6. When I was Younger I wanted to be, a nurse, a dancer, an actress, a choreographer, an air hostess and a holiday rep

7. Im a hopeless romantic

8. I didn’t start driving till I was 23

9. I have size 8 feet!

10. Im an amazing cook (apparently)

11. I believe in Ghosts, spirits and the supernatural

12. I had a motor bike when I was 15

13. I sold my motorbike to get my first mobile phone

14. I always had 2 mobile phone contracts, 6 months apart so I had a new phone every 6 months.

15. I lied to get my first paper round

16. Im a typical Sagittarius.

17. Im a huge Disney fan

18. My hair has been every colour, both on purpose and by accident

19. I love purple

20. I used to go to corporation dressed in white so I would stand out from all the goths and emos!


Do any of these surprise you? Any you think I’v missed? feel free to comment!

stay tuned for day 3- the meaning of my business name!


x Mel x

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