Meaning of my business name

So back in 2012, I had just shot my very first wedding, Panicking as I was already getting enquiries for more. I realised I needed a business page- which meant deciding on a name.

Whats in a name? Jeeze with a name as common as MELANIE HILL, I couldn’t just call my business my name, my initials were also taken along with a million variations of my name.

I had decided that I wanted my business to involve my maiden name, specifically my signature would be my logo, I had previously been told it suited me and I’d always planned to take my husbands name once I got married, so seemed like the perfect solution to keeping hold of my past without being too obvious.



So this little wiggle was created on paint 6 years ago, I uploaded the pic onto FB and asked my nearest and dearest for business name ideas, that reflected both me and my signature.

Well there were lots and lots of suggestions, we almost settled on “Awesome Ninja Photography” I was really picky that I wanted my business to sound classy, after all I was predominantly dealing with the biggest days in peoples lives. So anything that involved “snaps” was immediately discarded.

My then brother in law (yes Im still giving you credit) came up with signature smiles, his thought process was its based on my signature, and you smile when having a photo taken. For me it was perfect, the second part of my signature kinda resembles a smile too. It also means that as the company grows and I have a team of photographers people aren’t expecting just me to turn up.

I googled and checked companies house because I didn’t want to have to do a rebrand half way through establishing my business, and I was clear (its a name normally used for dentists haha.)

So Signature Smiles photography was born!

Since then there are also subsidiaries which some people may not be aware of “Signature Fine Art” is where my more conceptual pieces are shown and coming soon will be the boudoir style of portraiture, “Signature Boudoir” (name to be confirmed soon)

so tomorrows post will be “Earliest childhood memory”

x Mel x

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