My Favourite Childhood book


I was a proper book geek, I would walk nearly 2 miles to the library take out the max amount I could then return the week after and do it again, I love to loose myself in the fantasy of far away lands princesses happily ever afters. I still do it now but with being spoilt with all these films and special effects I rarely read anymore. I also loved the crime mystery and teen drama litrature, think Jacqueline Wilson, Enid Blyton, goosebumps ect.

This book was one I actually bought, I read this over and over again, I loved the entire series. The children head to a tree in the woods at the bottom of their garden and are transported to different world depending on which cloud world is at the top of tree that day!

Blueprint for my life haha

Im such a cliche, Im a fantasy girl living in a fantasy world!

No shame here tho, I may live in a fantasy but until the real world is a nicer place Im totally staying there!

x Mel x

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