Ricky & Hayley’s wedding 23rd June 2018

On a normally unheard of sunny day, yes you read that right the UK had a sunny day! I had the pleasure of spending the day with Hayley, Ricky and their loved ones.

I headed first to their home to see Hayley and her girls, everything was unbelievably calm.

Hayley had set up hair and make up downstairs leaving me plenty of space to take the pictures of the smaller details.

I loved that there was plenty of time to do the bridal party portraits, It also meant Id definitely got those beautiful posed shots before things really started going! We didn’t need a huge amount of space for these just a spot next to a window so we had natural light.


The ceremony was held at St Marys Church, A beautiful Church the Vicar, had very strict rules on when we could take pictures, but that did mean I could sit back and enjoy the ceremony and the little gestures that I normally love to photograph.


The reception was held at Treeton Miners welfare, who again pulled out all the stops to make sure everything was perfect


I want to congratulate Ricky & Hayley, on both organising a beautiful day and their marriage, wishing you every happiness, such a lovely couple.


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And had to sneak this one in haha,



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