Racheal & Micheal staindrop lodge

As I pulled up to the familiar location of Staindrop Lodge, the previous nights conversations still fresh whirring around my head, I hoped Racheal’s morning had been lovely and chilled, she and her girls had stopped over last night, had a lovely meal and hopefully a couple of pints. I had brought along posh sparkling cider As I know Rachel isn’t a massive lover of champagne.

I set about photographing the little details, that every couple spends ages choosing before the big day, but can also get forgotten during the day.

Mike got extra hubby points for the personalised handmade shoes he ordered, knowing a lot of the wedding had links to beauty and the beast (Rachaels fave)

Although quite stressful when the registrar was running late it meant we got a lot of the group pictures covered which made it easier later on, we also had lots of time to capture bridal portraits while the guys were downstairs with their cigars.



There were so many cute details in the day making it fun and about family, including tributes to loved ones that had passed and the niche soundtrack to the evening.


We kept the couple shots quite simple and fun, especially since the weather was taking a turn for the worse  and was rather nippy.


Thank you to all Mr & Mrs Lowes friends and family for making me and my second shooter Tom feel so welcome.


Michael and Rachael, you are such a lovely couple glad you finally tied the knot and chose me to be there with you, wishing you every happiness in the years to come xx



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