What I learnt from my 31 day blog challenge

That I’m a rubbish blogger!!

haha as a teen I would scribble my thoughts into my diary, even then I was a bit of a drama queen and one day figured my diaries could be published, I wrote as tho the reader was a friend Id not talked to for a while, and normally it was the case because life was busy and while I was having fun and living, it didn’t give me much time to sit and write.

Normally my inserts were how I was in love with yet another boy, who’s name I probably wouldn’t remember had it not been scribbled down on those pages along with glittery love hearts and practice signatures in my married name haha.

The drama I poured in to those pages were also as infrequent as my post on here, but I was always taught “nothing good to say? then don’t say anything”

As I pour my heart into cyberspace, I wonder if anyone actually reads this at all or if this is the modern day equivalent to those diaries in my garage. not that It bothers me, as I grow and change these posts of my hopes and dreams will hopefully remind me of why I worked so hard to get where I will one day be. Writing down all my thoughts is the perfect way to understand them and hold myself accountable over time.

Soooooo from a rubbish blogger, to a great photographer and to all you people in cyberspace that have stumbled on my ramblings, a blog a day is wayyyyyyy too much for me, plus my day to day life isnt that exciting, I pledge once a month a new blog post, filled with images, info, my life and me.


x Mel xuntitled-5049-Edit

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